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Educational philos

Child-Land Group offers preschools, after school care, and senior care facilities. By offering time for preschool children to meet the elderly, the elderly have a chance to acquire youthful energy from the children, and we also aim to educate the children to be more conscientious.

We have a total of 11 preschools in western Tokyo, Kawasaki, and Yokohama. Some schools also provide after school care for elementary school students. Each school provides lessons both in Japanese and in English. We provide an environment for children to learn English (one of the most widely used languages in the world) while maintaining their Japanese identities. We also focus on education so that they will be apt to succeed in the future.

Our Rearing Policy

  • Develop autonomy and the power of creativity through activities

  • Respect individuality and uniqueness

  • Promote a spirit of compassion

  • Heighten awareness of the world

It is very important to speak both our native language of Japanese as well as English as a common language in the world. We use the both languages for daily communication. Our native English speakers use English and our Japanese staff uses Japanese when needed. We would like children to learn both languages.

0-1 year old

Keeping a home-like atmosphere at school
Reporting in detail how the child was in school via a communication notebook
Participating in seasonal events

2 years old and up

Working on themes (crafts, music, going for walks)
The curriculum is full of events such as day trips, mochi pounding, a summer festival,
Sports Day, potato digging, a Christmas party, and a graduation ceremony.

About English education

We use English daily at our preschools and after school programs to help children get ready for international society. We also work hard to help children maintain their Japanese identity. Children can develop English commucation skills natually through interacting with our staff. Your child might not have experience in an English environment, but please do not worry. We will help gradually improve your child's communication skills through our daily activities.

English art

We regularly have “English Art” lessons by Ms. Irina at each school.We incorporate Waldorf education into our education and develop English art programs such as making crafts, singing, dancing, reading picture-books. Those art programs will open children’s mind and children will be able to express themselves in art using English.



About activities


English Classes

Children improve their English through high-quality, intensive lessons that are divided according to age. Classes use original learning materials that are fun!

Arts & Crafts

We nurture sensitivity, imagination, morals and self-expression through activities such as painting and crafts.

Eurhythmics and Gymnastics

Children develop their body coordination and emotional expressions using their 5 senses.

Japanese Writing

Children learn basic reading and writing, which will improve their Japanese skills and concentration.

Soccer School

Children take lessons taught by instructors from a Soccer School or from our staff. Besides playing soccer, children also do many kinds of exercises to build their basic stamina, cooperation, and patience.
Y.S.C.C.公式サイト (

Hula Dance

Hula is a traditional Hawaiian dance. You can express what you feel through movement. It enriches your ability to express emotions.
ラニカイフラスタジオ (


At a Swimming Club, children learn step-by-step how to swim while playing in the water.
NECグリーンスイミングクラブ (





About food education









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